The battle of the Holycows! Holycow Steakhouse VS. Steak Hotel by Holycow!

Steak. My favorite kind of dish when I talk about red meat. As a meat lover,  I am a big fan of beef. Just don't gimme their innards coz i hate those heart, lungs, intestines, brains, nose, and even their ****.

BUT.. Lets make one thing clear: I am a huge fan of Holycow! . Ever since its opening in 2010 in Radio Dalam... I fell in love on how they serve steaks. It was juicy and flavourful and their sauces has tons and tons of flavor in it. Their steaks was also one of the most affordable... at least its okay for me on a highschooler budget. It's not like... some other steak houses in Jakarta (I don't have to mention the name~) that requires mami and papi 's company or else... it will come at a cost of the majority of my monthly allowance.

One day. I heard about the so-called divorce of the two Holycows. It started to feel awkward when the two branches has different exclusives. At that time, One branch was offering ribs! But the other branch.. is serving something else that I forgot. (sorry!)

One sunny day during a hectic month.. a friend asked me: "Ray, there are two holycows?" I said yes. "Hah? So confusing yaa.. so.. which one is better?" (korean accent). Due to the recent confusion that:

  1.  many people have asked me AND
  2. the way the two holycows get mentioned from many customers about one menu that is not available on the other establishment AND 
  3.  the notable strengths and weaknesses each now-'divorced' establishment... AND
  4. the fact that Holycow is an amazing alternative if you and I at one point had no cash or isn't willing to cover the prices of Ang** House or The Steak House at **** Seasons or maybe ***back or even Tony's while you are actually craving or gonna crave for one portion of steak..

I think this post is necessary to be out there in the web. Just to make things clear.
Personally, I was confused back then when they announced that they have split the business into two entities and both entities currently wrote that they are not affiliated with one another. Both entities made sure that logo 'A' is for the 'A' correspondent while logo 'B' is for correspondent 'B'. okay. the way I talk is getting confusing. Cut to the chase.

Logos are owned by their respective owners. Note that.

There are two different holycows in Jakarta. One is called Steak Hotel by Holycow! and is owned by Wynda Mardio. The other one.. is Holycow Steakhouse and is owned by Lucy Wiryono and his husband Afit. Therefore, (ahem) for this assessment I will be giving both holycows an assessment that are based on six different criterions that includes...

A. Restaurant Atmosphere and Ambiance                  
B. Food Quality and Taste
C. Desserts
D. Service and Extras

Assessments are based on a random visit on the two different Holycows.
> Steak Hotel by Holycow! : Mainly Graded based on TKP Kemang or TEAM HOTEL. As I call them.
> Holycow! Steak House : Mainly Graded based on Camp Senopati or TEAM HOUSE. As I call them. 
References from other branches will also be mentioned within the post.

N.B: Like what I wrote in my disclaimer (down) this post is made based on my personal experience. I am no way affiliated or biased to the two Holycows. Finally... you may have different interpretation of each of the criterion I assessed. My blog.. is only for your reference to excite your journey in dining out!

next, forgive me for the random picture quality. At some visit, I was using my sister's iphone. At the other visit, I used my Samsung. At one visit.. There goes the digital camera.

A. Restaurant Atmosphere and Ambiance
Started as a popup restaurant outside a car garage... Now.. Since the two has divorced.. Currently each of the Holycows has three branches each.
  1. Steak Hotel by Holycow! - Available at Radal, Kemang, Sabang
  2. Holycow! Steak House - Available at Senopati, Gading, Kebon Jeruk
Now lets go with each.
Steak Hotel's branches are all comfy. As the one in Kemang.. Despite the small venue.. I love their dark-black industrial design concept. At least.. It was decorated properly and I loved it. I can stay there for a bit longer and chit chat with the gang whilst enjoying my steak.

Wooden Stools that are um... Quite comfy. At least. 

Two Favorite Quotes!


First thing first. Camping tables? Uh. I almost fell of these benches once because my phone fell down and I was moving too much at that time. no more explanation. You can see how better Holycow TKP Kemang was. Even if I compare them with their Camp Kelapa Gading Branch.. in their Kelapa Gading branch, the interior was a bit more worse especially in the second floor where they used... those stools in Chinese noodle bars. TKP Radal as a homey place, but cramped in the first floor. (I have not visited their Kebon Jeruk Branch and Sabang Branch respectively.)

ATMOSPHERE & AMBIANCE Winner: Steak Hotel with their Kemang Branch. 
(Even if I compare the four branches that I have visited.. Team Hotel's outlet was more.. properly decorated and the seats are way more comfortable)

B. Food Quality and Taste

To be honest, this may be the most important thing for our tummies and tongue right? TASTE! Before that.... You guys shall see their menus.

first page 

second page

Ah. The different specialties. You can see how team Steak Hotel deals with their menus. Each branch has their own exclusives. To be honest, I have not had the opportunity to try their ribs... What I ordered during the visit of the assessment is...

The Holysteak part one. Cooked to Medium-well. 

YES. ahh. The Holysteak Part one. Juicy. Tender. That's it. It's sooo gooood! It's also a best buy. Noting the fact that it only costs me 89.000 for this while the juiciness.. can reassemble the juiciness of their wagyu.  My food partner which happened to be my sis ordered

The prime rib-eye.  Cooked to medium-well.

Wagyu Tenderloin (Taken at TKP Radal). Cooked to Medium well. 

Team Steak Hotel also has add-ons in their menus. Below is the mushroom but their bacon was also nice. 

Mushroom Sautee

Next, lets see what I've got for Team Steak House.

Yes. If you their menu... Team Steak House's emphasis is on the different choice of meats. Sadly. I should note that the CABs or their Certified Angus Beef is always out-of-stock these past weeks. Note that they also have a sauce that Team Steak Hotel did not have... which is the W Sauce. (Said to be an Indonesian Pesto)

Wagyu Rib-eye. Cooked to Medium well.

Sirloin CAB cooked to Medium Well. 

Wagyu Tenderloin 

Now lets do the talking. Team Steak Hotel.. when you observe them.. their steak was always charred. That kinda makes it feels overcooked on the outside. On the other hand... Steak House did not have any burns on their meat. Talking about variety... Hotel has more varieties of Holysteak and Ribs while House has their variety on different meats. If we were to compare the same type of steak with the same cut.. Team Hotel's Wagyu Tenderloin was a bit rougher on the outside due to the chars.. but still maintained its juiciness and tenderness. Team House's Tenderloin.. was fine with no complaint at ALL!

Talking about sauce.. Is there any difference rayns? The answer is YES. THERE IS. Comparing them with my favorite Buddy's sauce... (Observe all the pictures. ALL of them except my sister's order are all accompanied with Buddy's sauce.) The one on Team Hotel was better. It tasted like it was ever  before in the past when these two entities were still together. The one on Team House.. I say now that their Buddy's Sauce has become less salty and more creamy. My sister also agrees that Team Hotel wins for their sauce because it has more taste in it and is more.. peppery. 

Mash Potatoes: No notable differences.

Add-ons?: No add ons in Team House's Outlets.

Rayns... Spinach or Beans? I love them both.

Food Quality and Taste Winner: FAIR.

C. Desserts!
Tiramisu and free desserts has become a huge deal since both offered free tiramisu everytime someone tweet and mentioned em. But which one is more delicious?

At my assessment visit.. Sadly they ran out of Tiramisu and gave me and my sis these cupcakes instead. It is made by Cupcakes Company. I like it because it was not too sweet. However? What flavor is this again?

But then.. If we are talking about Team Hotel's Twitramisu.. I like them. Less sweet could have been better tho. Also.. Cupcakes Company's Red Velvet.. I love them!


On the other hand.. for Team Steak House... Ever since they changed their tiramisu supplier to WeMisu.. I think it became sweeter. Even sweeter than the previous unbranded tiramisu. They also have other flavors. Check my Loobie post. Texture was okay. Ever since they are divorced.. No more red velvet. Except Cake in a Cup.

The Cake in a cups are supplied by Mini Love Bites. Even though the Cake Cups are good. For me they suffered from being waay too sweet.

Desserts Winner - Fair.
Why Fair? I don't want to be biased just because I hate the sweetness of the desserts provided by Team House. I may made Team Hotel as a personal winner though. But.. lets play fair because eventhough they are too sweet for me... They are still good. 

D. Service and Extras
While I have not enjoyed the extras that these two contenders offered. Team Hotel's service was better. They are friendly. And get my name spelled right ALL-THE-TIME. When I visited Team House.. I say rayns that wrote me as rain the korean actor and singer. I say raymond they wrote me raimen and even ramen. But they are friendly - actually.

Extras wise.. Do you know that Team Hotel has a weekly Molecular Gastronomy giveout ? The foods are said to be maid by Namaaz dining. :) . Es Teh Dingin? Edible Soap Bar? Recently Team Hotel is also giving out free CDs.

Service and Extras Winner - Team Hotel. (Not because my name spell.. but because of the Molecular Gastronomy and the CD giveaways.)

After having their food assessed as well as their restaurant ambience graded.. From my grading it was obvious that Team Hotel is the clear winner with 1 criterion ahead which was the atmosphere and ambiance factor.. They offered more extras and the food is good too. Despite the draw result in the taste Criterion.. It all comes back to the issue of accessibility.. and preference. You shall note in Criterion B that the steaks in Team Hotel was kinda charred. Some people might not prefer this. (It's okay for me tho.)  In terms of accessibility, Team Hotel only has outlets in Radio Dalam, Kemang and Sabang while their counterpart has their outlets in Senopati, Kelapa Gading and Kebun Jeruk. The closest to my house.. was Team House's CAMP Kelapa Gading.

In the end.... Don't get caught up by their kind-of ridiculous posters that say that the other branches is out of their connection. (Might suggest copying or whatever - they are actually.. DIVORCED restaurants.) As customers and food a food lover.. pick the one that suits you based on your NEEDS and WANTS.

Oh yeah. They are also competiting in the realms of.. cakes! Cupcakes Company... and Mini Love Bites. I have ordered cupcakes from Cupcakes Company and have some pics. Shall I... call Mini Love Bites?  


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